Opro Silver Gen 4 Mouth Guard Red / Blue

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WHAT IS THE OPRO SILVER MOUTHGUARD?It is a match level mouth guard. The Silver mouthguard from OPRO is a mid-level mouthguard in our self-fit range. Available in a range of bright and vibrant colours, it is ideal for anyone who participates in any ball, stick or combat sport. The adult silver has a high resistant outer layer to absorb any blows. The mouthguard itself also has anti-microbial protection as standard in all Silver levels.WHAT SETS OPRO APART FROM OTHER MOUTHGUARD BRANDS?We have our own unique patented fins. Sounds fun right? What this means for you is that you get a comfort and retentive fit that won’t hinder you whilst you play. It also means that it fits bespoke to you. Everything we do here at OPRO is to make sure that you, the wearer have a gum shield that protects, is comfortable and is affordable. All our mouth guards are latex free and due to their light construction, it allows you to breath easily and speak clearly, even whilst wearing your mouthguard.WHAT DOES THE FITTING CRADLE DO?Our very own fitting cradle allows you to fit the mouthguard central in your mouth. It’s important as you don’t want a wonky mouthguard. What is also does is provides a minimum layer of material after fitting to ensure your mouthguard isn’t too thin.KEY FEATURESMatch level protectionTakes just a few minutes to mould to your teethSafe and secure fit – easy breathing and speechHigh flow gel for comfort and protectionUp to £12,500 worth of dental warranty