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Fast delivery. Quality thing. The best price. I will be back next month.

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Niomi Chang

Smooth transaction and delivery was fast. Love the packaging. Keep it up!

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Richard Cumbo-Smith

Excellent service with knowledge and an honest opinion on each product.

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The History Of BJJ (Jiu Jitsu)

Confident on your Jiu Jitsu history? How about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? It’s a fascinating story, so grab onto your Gi and come along for the ride across millenia.

Here, we’ll chart right back to where it all began with the Buddhist monks, cross borders to ancient China and finally Japan. The fighting skills were honed by samurai warriors and Jiu Jitsu was even deemed a national secret, remaining so for centuries...until a few teachers headed to South America in search of a prosperous new market. Destiny was waiting, when a Brazilian businessman and a Japanese Jiu Jitsu master met. The rest is history!

Like me, if you’ve watched any MMA before, you may have wondered about some of the origins of these exotic, awe-inspiring martial arts. One such example is that of Jiu Jitsu, which seems to hold a kind of rare mystique that not many other martial art possesses.

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The History of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
The History Boxing
The History Of Boxing

We think of boxing as having been around since forever, but in fact, the way we see it today is a much more modern phenomenon. With an intriguing backstory and origins covering most of the largest empires on earth, boxing is one sport that has a history with a capital ‘H’.

Beginning in Africa, the early art of boxing crossed borders to other civilisations such as India, Greece and finally Rome. There it remained until the English adopted the techniques and added its own set of rules, creating a sport that could be watched, paid for and betted on by thousands. From there, boxing grew exponentially into the juggernaut we see today.

Surely using your hands as fists to fight off enemies, is as old as time itself? The chances are very high. Neanderthals were probably punching out other cave-dwellers whilst learning how to fashion tools from flint.

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